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Gym Caloundra

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Surrounded by beautiful beaches and enjoying hot, sunny weather, the residents of Caloundra are spoiled rotten by the many activities to be found in this little piece of heaven on the glorious Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Countless happy choices fill the beautiful, bright days, both outdoors and indoors, and especially Gym Caloundra.

After a few hours in the hot sun, what could be better than a good workout at the gym?

You can enjoy the cool air conditioning while having an exhilarating session, and then take time out for a cool fruit drink or a delicious healthy salad. Meeting friends is always a bonus, and so is the competitive edge you can enjoy when you go head-to-head with an equally fit gym rat!

Personal training, experienced coaching, group workouts, equipment to build those muscles – it’s all right here

Gym Caloundra will provide you with everything you are looking for in a gym. The various disciplines on offer range from the group workout to HIIT, and they are all good for burning fat and raising your metabolic rate, helping you to lose weight and build muscle in pleasant, friendly surroundings and in the company of other people with similar aims. Of course you will have to work hard to get there, but you will attain the level of fitness that you desire and feel the satisfaction of knowing you have been successful in reaching your goal. As a confidence booster, nothing can compare with that!

Your social network will expand at Gym Caloundra

Come and see our facilities for yourself before you join. Here at Gym Caloundra, you will achieve your physical targets, and you can enjoy yourself while you do it. We strive to provide welcoming, refreshing surroundings for our members, where they can leave the cares of the day behind them and concentrate on some of the many exercise and social options available at the Gym.

Gym Caloundra’s door is always open

Speak to our team of professionals; tell them about your personal physical objectives and discuss what will enable you to reach them. We are here to give you an overall experience that fulfils – and, we hope, exceeds — your hopes. Your exercise programme will also provide an entertaining social environment and, whether you are a newbie or an old gym hand, we can promise that the Gym will meet all your expectations and become the place where you most enjoy spending time.

Join us for a workout

Join our gym and fitness club in Caloundra and benefit from a thoroughly enjoyable experience. A group workout or and hour with a personal trainer? Come in and meet our team, try our fitness classes, and change your life.

HIIT Sunshine Coast - crossfit Sunshine Coast - fitness classes caloundra