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Caloundra is the southernmost town on the Sunshine Coast. Founded in 1875 it has always been able to attract tourists to its many beautiful and pristine beaches.

Historic Caloundra

Captain Cook named the Glass House Mountains in May, 1770, and in 1799 Matthew Flinders called the channel Pumicestone River. The first lighthouse was built there in1896. During World War II, Caloundra’s coastal location proved vital for the positioning of radar stations and machine gun pits, and today the Queensland Aviation Museum includes a collection of 89 complete aircraft from Caloundra’s aviation past.

And what about now?

Gym Caloundra is absolutely the place to go for no-fuss 45-minute workouts tailored and personalised to suit every level of fitness, from an intense HIIT workout to Group workout — and personal training can be adapted for people of any age. During the week, there are cardio and resistance classes, and on Saturdays classes combine both styles with a live DJ and great music.

“F45 Training workouts are designed to unify the muscle groups of the body to help you move and feel stronger in all aspects of your life.”

Resistance training builds muscle mass and bone density, using functional movement patterns to burn more calories. Each resistance workout targets power, stabilisation and functional strength, resulting in stronger, leaner, more defined muscles.

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Move faster and lift heavier!

Mobility and flexibility are vital components of physical fitness and Gym Caloundra’s Functional Flexibility Recovery Sessions complement their F45 training sessions with low-intensity, slow and controlled passive and active exercises and stretching techniques which improve flexibility, range of motion and posture concentrating on postural awareness and body alignment.

Longer sets and shorter rest periods get you breathing heavy and feeling the burn

Since stretching is said to improve jumping, sprinting, stretch shortening cycles, flexibility, joint mobilization, body alignment and posture, Gym Caloundra’s fitness classes use dynamic movements to relax, unwind, nourish the body and soul, and introduce techniques to lengthen and restore muscles.

Resistance training builds muscle mass and bone density

How about a broader insight into your weight loss, overall fitness and strength, allowing you to set goals? Come to Gym Caloundra for a workout in a group fitness class or with a personal trainer, and combine the best of strength, cardio, agility, speed and power with high fives! If you want a rigorous test of muscle endurance and aerobic threshold, we can provide it.

Join us

If you are on the Sunshine Coast and anywhere near Caloundra, drop in to Gym Caloundra any time for a challenging session and to see how we have simplified technology to create a seamless, personalised experience.

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