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Dicky Beach is a very interesting area of the Sunshine Coast. Not only is it a coastal suburb, but it is also a beach as well. Locals and tourists flock to Dicky Beach every year to enjoy the coastal waters and sandy beaches. There are only approximately 1,758 residents of Dicky Beach, so you won’t find it too crowded when you go there.

Dicky Beach got its name from an iron steamboat named SS Dicky. This was a 226-ton ship that got pushed onto the sandy beach more than once because of the rough sea waters. Finally, the ship was left on the beach, and the name “Dicky Beach” was given to the area. No other recreational beach on the planet has a name that comes from a shipwreck.

Over 100 years later, parts of the SS Dicky still remain on the beach. We love historical places with interesting stories like this one. When local residents sign up at our facility in Dicky Beach, they can’t help but mention the SS Dicky and how iconic it is to their suburb. Tourists from around the world still come to Dicky Beach to see the wreckage.

Weight Loss & Workout Classes – Crossfit & Personal Training in Dicky Beach

Gym Caloundra offers an environment where you can make friends and improve yourself in more than one way. We have an elite team of personal trainers who help our members increase their flexibility, mobility, speed, range of motion, strength, endurance, and confidence. You’d be amazed at how a few weeks of fitness classes with our trainers will change your life for the better.

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Your current fitness level will be assessed by our trainers after you sign up for a membership. We’ll create a customized workout plan to address the areas of your health which are your biggest concern. Then you’ll participate in 45-minute personal training sessions with an intensity that is suitable for your current fitness level. Even though we want to push you to work out harder, we won’t push you past your limitations. Your health and safety will always come first.

Gym Caloundra is currently accepting new members in Dicky Beach. When you take our fitness classes, you’ll learn the importance of stretching for enhancing your joint mobilization, posture, and body alignment. Each 45-minute workout session will work your muscle and get your heart pumping strong. When you leave our facility each day, you’ll be eager to come back again for more.

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