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This cardiovascular workout is proving increasingly popular in gyms and fitness clubs throughout the world. It is intense and effective, although caution is counselled not to overdo the frequency of workouts: twice a week is probably enough, and three times a week is the maximum as there should be at least 24 hours’ rest between sessions. A combination of HIIT and resistance training should only be undertaken after consultation with a professional trainer.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training

The difference between HIIT and the standard steady-state cardio workout is that HIIT is anaerobic, which makes you breathe harder, burns fat and helps you to gain lean muscle mass; regular cardio is aerobic and requires oxygen to help increase your endurance and cardiac health while also burning fat. HIIT workouts should not exceed 30 minutes as they are of high intensity and can therefore pose injury risks. This is not a workout for beginners as participants must have a high level of fitness and strength, and the supervision of an experienced personal trainer is advised initially. Once the participant is more familiar with the routine to be followed, then individual workouts may take place; until then, group workouts are advisable.

This form of interval training is a cardiovascular exercise strategy, which alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods

Satisfaction in a workout well done is a great incentive. It builds up your confidence; it allows you to stretch yourself both physically and mentally, achieves weight loss, and it brings you into contact with others of like mind. This is something that can best be achieved in a professionally-run gym with specialised fitness classes, and so drop by and see us when you are in Caloundra to assess for yourself and try a group fitness workout with our team and with our members.

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Join our gym and fitness club in Caloundra and benefit from a thoroughly enjoyable experience. A group workout or and hour with a personal trainer? Come in and meet our team, try our HIIT workouts, and change your life.

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