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Moffat Beach can be found along the Sunshine Coast of Australia. This coastal suburb got its name from a Brisbane chemist named James C. Moffat. In 1883, he built a holiday house in an area of the suburb called Moffat Head. This is a beautiful area right next to the water where you can go hiking and sightseeing. Imagine having a holiday house overlooking the ocean and beach?

Gym Caloundra is a premium gym located in Moffat Beach. We are not your typical gym that just lets people roam around and try out exercise machines on their own without any idea of what they’re doing. We believe in training and educating our members in order to get them into good physical shape quickly.

Personal Training & Group Workout Classes, Gym Moffat Beach

Every member who signs up at Gym Caloundra will receive personalized attention. We can offer you a designated personal trainer who’ll take an interest in your fitness goals and formulate a customized gym workout plan that allows you to accomplish them quickly.

The intensity of your training will start out slow and steady. Based on your level of progress during the training, we’ll gradually increase the intensity so that you can keep achieving more results. Our personal trainers will never push you too hard because we want you to stay safe. We are trained to know how much is too much for our members.

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Everyone has a different fitness goal in mind for themselves. Some people want to turn big and strong, while others want to increase their speed and agility. What do you want to do? Are you looking to train like an athlete, or do you simply want to enter a doable weight loss program? Whatever fitness program you need, we can make a personalized one just for you.

Our fitness classes do more than train your body. They also train your mind and spirit, as well. If you can move better and feel better, then you will think better. The brain and body work together all the time, so it is only natural that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. That is what we try to focus on with all our members.

Gym Caloundra gives its members access to fitness classes, personal trainers, weight loss programs, strength training programs, HIIT workout sessions, and more. And if you come on Saturdays, you’ll be treated to a live DJ playing your favourite music as you work out.

Sign up at Gym Caloundra in Moffat Beach today and get the health you deserve once and for all.

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If you are on the Sunshine Coast and anywhere near Caloundra, drop in to Gym Caloundra any time for a challenging session and to see how we have simplified technology to create a seamless, personalised experience.

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