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A real piece of heaven on Australia’s shores — that would certainly not be an exaggeration if you are describing the glorious Sunshine Coast, with its wonderful sandy beaches, clear aquamarine waters and brilliantly sunny skies.

Whatever your interests may be, Caloundra can provide what you most enjoy doing

How about swimming, sailing and surfing in pristine waters, visiting the natural wonders of the Great National Park, and then chilling out with a glass of dry white wine and a platter of delicious seafood at one of the many fine dining restaurants? But, what is even better, there’s Gym Caloundra.

There are more than 3,800 exercises in F45’s repertoire

Have you come across F45 Training yet? F stands for Functional. 45 stands for the workout time. It is a global fitness community that originated in Australia, specialising in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun and results-driven. F45 is considered one of the most time-efficient ways of training — burning up to 750 calories in each 45-minute session. And the Guardian calls it the “latest fitness craze to inspire evangelical and devotion.”

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The flat-screen TV sets on the walls show recordings of the trainer demonstrating that day’s routine

The group sessions are challenging, supportive, competitive and motivating — and F45 is affordable and accessible, and highly recommended by personal trainers. Functional training means that the workouts are based on movements of the body that support day-to-day activity: less working muscle groups in isolation, accompanied by supplement-heavy nutrition plans, and more workouts originating in the wellness industry. The workouts are combined with diet recommendations.

Sydney-based F45 founder Rob Deutsch says the workouts are about “training smarter, not harder.”

At Gym Caloundra everything is optimised and convenient, and on Saturday mornings there is a live DJ. The hip-hop shakes the room and the workouts are effective and efficient, as are the pre-set routines and guidance from expert trainers.

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT incorporates strenuous exercises rotating through different muscle groups, which shock the body into shape. Group workout is more extreme and more of a lifestyle.

One study suggests that millennials in the United States spend more on fitness than on college tuition


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If you are on the Sunshine Coast and anywhere near Caloundra, drop in to Gym Caloundra any time for a challenging session and to see how we have simplified technology to create a seamless, personalised experience.

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