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Wurtulla is a beautiful Australian coastal suburb in Queensland. It is not as well known as other suburbs and areas of the Sunshine Coast, but the tourists who discover it cannot get enough of its picturesque landscapes and gorgeous ocean views.

With a population of over 5,000 people, Wurtulla is growing each year. That is why we at Gym Caloundra decided to expand our services to this location. The people of Wurtulla are in need of a new type of gym. Rather than the typical weight machines and cardio machines, Gym Caloundra offers more personalized fitness services to each member.

Gym Caloundra offers you an air-conditioned facility to work out in. Since the Sunshine Coast can get pretty hot throughout the year, no one expects you to do all your exercise outdoors. Air conditioning keeps your body cool during a workout so that you don’t suffer a heat stroke or any other heat-related condition.

Weight Loss & Workout Classes – Crossfit & Personal Training in Wurtulla

Think about why so many people fail at meeting their goals at the gym. They might make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, but then they’ll quit after 2 weeks. Why do you think they do that? It is usually because they have no one to motivate and help them achieve their fitness goals.

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At Gym Caloundra, we pride ourselves in providing motivation and assistance to all our members. If you’re someone who is overweight and needs a steady weight loss program, we can create a custom gym workout routine for you that targets your weight directly. Each gym workout will require hard work and dedication, but we won’t put you on any high-intensity workouts unless we think you’re ready for them.

Our HIIT workout program is reserved for members who want to perform high-intensity anaerobic activities in order to lose weight and build strength. These gym workouts are only done twice per week because of their vigorous nature. You need at least 24 hours of rest between each HIIT workout too. The benefit of high-intensity training is its ability to boost the metabolism and burn extra fat that normal cardio gym workouts fail to do.

Every member gets to work with a personal trainer in an individual workout session or with a fitness leader in a group fitness session. A lot of new members enjoy group fitness sessions because they get to work out with other people who have similar fitness goals as them. We’ll set you up in whatever type of workout session you prefer. The point is to get you motivated and excited about fitness and training.

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If you are on the Sunshine Coast and anywhere near Caloundra, drop in to Gym Caloundra any time for a challenging session and to see how we have simplified technology to create a seamless, personalised experience.

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